Repurposing for Resilience Solar Panel Reuse and Recycling

Jump Onboard!

Repurposing for Resilience [RfR] Eurobodalla welcomes any assistance with championing for the environment.

How to get involved:

Get rid of your used solar panels.

Save yourself the tip fee and drop off at our Community Solar Reuse Centre in Moruya or be picked up from yours. Hell, we can even de-install them from your roof.  

From here we will responsibly segregate the reclaimed equipment through a robust testing regime, sorting panels and components into two main workstreams; those we can re-use for their intended purpose, and those we can repurpose or upcycle into some practical and spunky stuff!  

Consider using 2nd hand solar panels and equipment.

Why not? This equipment is tested to ensure it meets manufactures performance specification and sold with a performance test report and warranty, taking the guess work out of purchasing used equipment. 

Not only does this make solar more affordable to our community but utilises solar equipment that has been taken out of stream before its actual end of life [EOL].  

And yes, with a partner that specialises in Solar, we can arrange to install for you.

Get creative with us!

Did you know that for equipment identified as still functional and safe but not meeting manufacturers specification, we can repurpose or upcycle it into functional form for a myriad of fantastically useful items or crowd pleasing works of art!

This can provide a unique opportunity to get your ‘creative on’, whilst learning about solar and basic construction techniques. 

We also have the perfect platform for any artists out there up to the challenge of creating with waste, with opportunity to sell your wares to an ever-appreciative community!

Collaborate on R&D projects.

Anytime…and always…Research and Development are an integral part of what makes us tick. We appreciate the need for sharing ideas, resources and infrastructure to create opportunities. 

Skills Training and Work Experience.

Never as scary as it sounds. We have lots of opportunity for volunteers to gain useful skills and experience in our industry and this isn’t just limited to trades! Were always on the lookout for folk interested in sharing their skills or learning new ones and in case you needed a list anything from committing committee members, marketing & promotions, IT & admin, retail sales, arts, basic construction, trades and anything in between! 

Did you also know we are approved with Centrelink to provide voluntary work opportunities for eligible jobseekers as part of Mutual Obligation? Well we are!  

In addition to volunteer work, keep an eye out for our vocational training courses run at different time of the year covering a range of areas such as Electrical & Electronics, Grid Connect and off grid solar, battery storage, building with efficiency, reducing your energy usage and even creating jewellery and fashion from waste. 


Lifelong membership with our humble RfR Initiative will give you access to used equipment and VIP discounts on repurposed equipment.  Sign up with us today!