Repurposing for Resilience Solar Panel Reuse and Recycling

About Us

We don’t apply a great deal of importance to ‘who we are’ as we do to ‘what we do’. 

The Team
Repurposed solar equipment Eurobodalla NSW

Repurposing for Resilience

We have been working in the Solar industry for well over a decade in which time we have seen a huge amount of change.

Change to peoples needs and mindsets, change to the way we use energy, change to technology, change to standards and regulations, change to industry bodies, change to how our network and retailers operate…sadly not the change we need for our environment.

Ironically, the Renewable Energy Industry in its current form is set up to constantly develop newer and better technology to replace existing. To utilise only new components instead of second hand. To invest its efforts into creating jobs and processes which overlook equipment that has not yet reached its true end of life [EOL]. 

Repurposing for Resilience [RfR] was established in our local area as a response to this. 

Our purpose is simply to re-use Solar panels and associated components where possible and repurpose those we cant in an effort to keep equipment out of landfill and reduce costs to community and the environment associated with that of heavy industrial materials recycling.  Anything more is just a bonus.