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RfR assists Ricky’s Place in Bega

This RfR Friday saw the electrical team from MESA install 32A & 25A 3 phase circuits for a commercial oven and Induction hot plate hob at Ricky’s Place in Bega.

Sharon volunteers her renowned Chefs expertise every week to run both the Kitchen and Garden of Ricky’s Place, which provides free meals for the community of Bega.

Sharon is not only a qualified and well-respected Chef but also a finished artist, having studied at the ANU glass school and journeyed metallurgy; silver & gold smithing for jewellery making over the past 20 years or so.

Sharon has generously gifted her time and skills to assist the RfR on several occasions and in recognition of this and the selfless work of Sharon and the Ricky’s team for the local community there, the RfR team decided it was high time to return a benefit for her collaboration.

The RfR electricians estimate the value of the work to be in the vicinity of $1200.00 and challenge other local small businesses to donate some of their own time and effort to one of the many not-for-profit organisations that contribute so much to our communities.

Ricky’s Place in Bega