Repurposing for Resilience Solar Panel Reuse and Recycling

Nick & Elizabeth, Cadgee

10 panels up 20 more to go.  This project will use 30 repurposed solar panels provided by RFR to create a roof between two shipping containers.  We are living off-grid so the additional solar capture from these panels will enable our batteries to charge more quickly and once fully charged the additional power will be used to pump water to our header tank.  When our tanks are full the extra power will pre-heat our hot water tank saving gas for our instantaneous hot water system.  The solar roof will also capture rainwater to feed into our garden. Most importantly, the roof creates a 12m by 2m workspace that will be used for garden equipment storage and for propagating plants for the vegetable garden.  I love that these recycled panels give us extra power, and more pumped water, saving us on bottled gas and watering our garden.

Off Grid at Cadgee